This test tracked 2 variables. How the score compared to other people on your age:
Higher than 78% on Survival
Higher than 85% on Command Skills

The Zombie Leadership Survival Test

You scored 60% Survival and 63% Command Skills!

These scores represent your abilities to defend your party strategically (command skills) and your ability to live out the infestation (survival) These scores may contradict with each other as sometimes it is necessary to forsake friends and combat in order to survive. It is possible to be very inept at command and survive by attempting to avoid conflicts. (although even inept commanders will have to fight sometimes) Scoring works like this, if you reach a high level of command, attach yourself to people with high levels of survival. If you have a high survival, get with a group who can strategize. These two types tend to balance each other out.
-People who score highly on Survival, tend to be more rational and are able to think clearly without the need to battle through every step.
-People who score highly on survival, tend to be more able to deal with a group and manage the "hunting" tactics that deal with the most common architypes of zombie survival groups.
Each score type is good in its own way.

The Zombie Leadership Survival Test by Mashimoto on Ok Cupid

...ja, mir war langweilig. Aber der Test ist allein schon wegen seinem Detailreichtum zu empfehlen. :)

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owl hat gesagt…

Halt' Dich an mich, wenn die Zombies kommen - ich hab' in beiden Kategorien "You scored higher than 99% on Survival" bzw. "
You scored higher than 99% on Command Skills" erreicht :-)
(Beweis-Screenshot kommt noch)