Disable iTunes Store arrows under windows

iTunes8 without store arrows and half star control

Nearly everyone hates these little buggy store link buttons right to every song, artist or album in your iTunes library. They are so easily to hit accidentally!
And for some reason, Apple made them persistent in iTunes8.
Some genius found a solution for this, the original idea can be found on theglitch.ws.

But it still works easier, with no text editor messing at all. This solution works for every OS and languague.
Pure genius solution in four steps:
Make sure your iTunes is closed.
  • Press Win+R to open a command box
  • Type cmd and press enter
  • Copy the following text:

  • "%CommonProgramFiles%\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\defaults" write com.apple.iTunes show-store-arrow-links -bool FALSE

  • Right click the command line window, choose paste and press enter.

The command line box can be closed most elegantly by typing the command "exit", btw.

That's it! If it didn't work for you, check out the link above for the crafty solution.
Read the next post to see how to get those fine grained star controls...

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