iTunes8: Activate half-star ratings for windows

iTunes8 with fine grained half star ratings

iTunes 8. Make sure it doesn't run, or you'll have to restart it.

Edit: easier solution!
Press Win+R to open the Command box.
Type cmd and press enter to open a command line.
Copy the following text:
"%CommonProgramFiles%\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\defaults" write com.apple.iTunes allow-half-stars -bool TRUE

...and press enter.
Attention: Pasting in the command line works only via right click!

If this doesn't work for you, maybe the following one is right for you.
My old & crafty solution:

Notepad ++. Standard Notepad gets confused with XML files.

  • Press Win+R to open a Command box.
  • Type "%appdata%" and press enter. This will bring you to the hidden application settings folder.
  • Open the folder "Apple Computer" and, within, the "iTunes" Folder.
    You should see a file named iTunesPrefs, probably with a .xml following (according to your view settings). Do not mistake it for the iTunes.pref, this is a version from earlier iTunes and not editable as easily.
  • Start Notepad ++.
  • Drag the iTunesPrefs in this window to open it for editing.

  • Do not panic. Information is encrypted for iTunes to be readable, you don't have to understand anything.
  • Scroll all the way and search the sequence of:

  • insert a new line above and copy/paste:
  • Save and close - that's it.
Restarting iTunes should leave you with a much finer star control.


Diego Fagundes hat gesagt…

it didn't work here... i tried editing the .xml file using both notepad and dreamweaver, but nothing happened.

by the way, the last line of this file is something like < /plist>. am i supposed to insert the code you mentioned before or after this line?

goocy hat gesagt…

Code is supposed to be inserted before the third line from below.
This is the part with user preferences and open for edits.

Diego Fagundes hat gesagt…

ok, i'll give it a try!

Anonym hat gesagt…

it does not work with me.
i did exactly what you said and yet i can’t use half stars.

I also tried with Notepad++ or with the easier solution but it does not work too.What’s wrong ?