Automatic sorting of images

This is what my photo collection looks like. One folder for each day, 1580 in total.
This structure exists because it's convenient - my camera automatically creates a new folder for each day and names it according to the current date.

Since I have an iPhone, I take it everywhere and often leave the camera at home. However, the iPhone throws all photos in one folder, and doesn't care about proper naming either. And because moving each photo into their respective folder was incredibly daunting, I wrote this little script. It requires the free exif.py library, and is tested for Windows.

What it does:
  • Scan for .jpg (and .tif) files in the current folder
  • Examine each image for its creation date by EXIF or by file properties
  • (quickly) Move the image into its corresponding folder
  • If it doesn't already exist, create a new folder in the format YYMMDD

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