Automatic sorting of podcasts

On the very limited space of an SSD, every episode of a podcast has an impact on the remaining free disk space. However, I'm sentimental and like to archive my podcasts for later use - maybe to play them to my kids during long nuclear winter nights. So, all incoming episodes should end up on a DVD sooner or later.

"Chronological" is the only sorting method that makes sense; believe me - I gave this a lot of thought (mainly while moving MP3s around manually and waiting for folder size calculations).
Because DVDs have a limited size, one usually can't just burn the whole directory, but the episodes have to be split up into segments of time periods.
This is exactly what this little script does.
  • Survey all files in this directory and in the subfolders
  • Sort them by creation time
  • Split the file list into chunks of (maximum) 4.38GB
  • Create a folder for each chunk, named according to the dates of the files
  • Move all files into their equivalent folders
It's tested for Windows and Mac.
There's still a small bug: it creates two folders for each DVD (and I have no idea why). Both folders combined have the correct size, though. Also, you should probably call this thing "Podcastsort.py", otherwise it will move itself into one of the folders.

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